Alceus Capital

Strategic Wealth Management Company

We manage private equity funds in Spain specializing in real estate projects with high profitability potential.

-Transparency, Technology and Sustainability

Our Services

We do not speculate on the future, we build it.

Financial planning and operational structuring of real estate projects

Treasury management, financial reporting, banking relations and administrative operations

Budgetary control of construction and constructive auditing

All About Us

We do not speculate on the future, we build it.

Based on the use of technology to be 100% transparent, we seek to maximize the return of our investors always having as prerequisites the sustainability and quality of our projects.

Rather than focusing solely on profits, we consider it our responsibility to socially and environmentally sustainable. We are consistent with our core values, aiming to generate well-being wherever we are. This implies forging relationships based on trust, projecting ourselves in the long term and based on win-win agreements with all our stakeholders.


Consequently, we have assembled a team of technical, financial, legal, business, technologist, and strategist specialists, whose manner of operating reflects a combination of tenacity, professionalism, sense of initiative, experience, and most importantly ethics. We have the operational capacity to identify opportunities and generate aggregated value in a wide range of real estate projects.

This operating structure not only generates synergy in our value chain, it also ensures obtaining an optimal benefit for our investors. We do not harvest without first guaranteeing that investors obtain their initial capital and their expected return.



Being an avant-garde and emblematic company in the real estate industry recognized for operating with maximum transparency, using state-of-the-art technology and generating aggregated value to our investors and the community; expecting to have assets under management of 10 million euros in 2025.


Attacking a changing and volatile market, with precision, dedication, technology, ethics and specialized work, we adapt to meet the needs of wealth diversification of our clients in real estate products that generate attractive returns and benefits to the community.

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